Groovy Reveals That The Level Switch Cannot Affect His Relationship With Phyna

Big brother Naija level up season 7 housemate Groovy in his dairy session has confided in biggie about the status of his relationship with Phyna and how strong their relationship is.


According to Groovy, the Level switch has not  affected his relationship with Phyna, stating that what they share is “Solid”


This is coming after a lot of fans and viewers outside the house thought that their relationship in their house will be over after Groovy started making advances toward Chomzy who was in his new house (level 1) and vowed to take her away from Eloswag.


The hope of shippers has been resurrected with this revelation as people find both housemates compatible although Groovy at some point has hinted that he will try everything possible to get Chomzy from Eloswag.



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