Female Supporter, Solomon Buchi Deactivates his Social Media Acounts


A famous writer on social media cubicle, Solomon Buchi has deactivated his social media handles after being heavily criticized online for crowdfunding.

Screenshots of chats years ago in which he lobbied for money were forwarded online after he advised men not to date 'broke girls'

Reactions to this happening has made rounds on media with many Nigerians knocking him down even further for his feminist and misandry writings and divulging his all on social media.

Renowned lecturer on Twitter said " some of us get flashbacks every week and we never run to lock our account. Solomon Buchi who likes to abuse and insult locked his account for days. Now, he has deactivated. no tough skin" 

"The most reason why people are dragging Solomon Buchi is because his hypocrisy stinks. It's next level. This is someone who practically crowdfunds for almost everything he owns. Yet he constantly broke shame people online especially women who are his most benefactors. #abelpeter commented.


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