"Daniella is A Hard Nut to Crack Because Of Khalid" _ Dọtun informs Deji, He In Return Gave Him Some Pieces of Advice.


Season 7 housemate, Dọtun was offered tips and Pieces of advice by his co-housemate, Deji, over his emotions for Daniella.. she had always been turning him down despite how much he tries to profess his love to her.

The entire incident happened yesternight. recollect that Daniella and Dọtun slept on the same bed, but the moment Dọtun bade to cuddle her, she declined by telling him they rather remain friends and nothing more which he detects was because of Khalid.

Not too long this morning, Dọtun chronicles to Deji what transpired last night, while Deji advised him never to relent that soon come, he will win her heart...  

Stating his reasons, he continued by saying,  Khalid only spent 2 weeks in the house. He gave him tips on how he could win her heart over and how he would detach Daniella's emotions from Khalid.


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