Chiamaka Crystal Mbah "Amaka" Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemate Biography


Everything you need to know about Big Brother Naija 2022 housemate Chiamaka Crystal Mbah Preferably called AMAKA. The 23-year old health worker from Anambra state is one of the  Big Brother Naija season 7 competing for the 100 million grand prize.

The self-acclaimed dad's girl has a sibling, the only female and loves large-hearted men. Her motto is "grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead" which has helped her sail across the hides and tides life throws at her..

Amaka BBN Biography:

Full name - Chiamaka Crystal Mbah.                Age -             23 years.                                          Sex-               Female                                            Nationality- Nigerian.                                    Place of Birth- Anambra state.                        Marital Status- Single.                                    Occupation- Health care worker.                Instagram handle-  @the_real_amaka

Amaka discloses she's not only here for the  prize but to have fun, meet new people and a bid to get vengeance on her ex's.. she sometimes come across 'bold', 'mean' and 'extra' but people soon realize her softness like jelly, when they got intimate.

"I am in between being a spoilt brat and and an innocent child" she made additions with her strengths which include being 'original' and 'Realistic' while her weaknesses are being 'Emotional' and 'Impatient'

She is the first to admit to being garrulous, something he co-housemates find disgusting. "I am big parrot! Yiu don't need to pay me o, i can talk for free non-stop", she says.



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