Biggie Summons Deji And Groovy To Swap Levels


Big Brother naija season 7 edition housemates, Deji of level 1 sought for a change of level which was granted after the wager task presentation, interchanging with Groovy in level 2.

This occurred as a result of the petition that Deji had tendered before the task, stating his rationale he wants out of the house, that he's experiencing boredom in the house and want a new exploration.

Biggie nodded to his call by the interchange of Groovy from level 1 and he to level 2.

Biggie's decision almost caused uproar but they've gat no choice than to dance to his tune as Phyna and co disagrees with the action..

Biggie granted the request because of how much he cherishes "winner" of each task.  He places them on pedestals, gives them preferential treatment and would do anything to make sure they are satisfied


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