Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Poll.


Big Brothers Naija 2022 Week 5 Dating Poll (fake nomination)

 Before Big Brother Naija week 5 Monday live nomination, the remaining housemates partook in the week of house contest  except for the interim week of house _ Eloswag

The remaining level up housemates are Eloswag, Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Chomzy, Diana, Dọtun, Doyin, Gidifia, Hermes, shegzz, Deji, Rachael, Amaka, Bryann, Daniella, Groovy, Phyna, Modella and Chizzy 

Chomzy came out as the winner of the week 5 head of house challenge.. for the victory in the contest, she gave herself exemptions from this week's eviction.

Chomzy also gets the unshared advantage to use the head of house lodge and share with a partner. She offered to pick Eloswag who is also saved from this week's possible eviction.


The session started with 24 housemates with the  incorporation of 4 new housemates and has already performed 6 eviction and 1 elimination in the range of four weeks as more are still imminent as the bid for the winner augments.

This week, big brother frankly expressed that there be 1 or 2 housemates to be evicted, to maintain their stay in the house.

Here's a breakdown of how the nomination and how each of the housemates nominated.

1. Diana nominated Chichi and Shegzz

2. Rachel nominated Doyin and Shegzz

3.  Chichi nominated Allysyn and Adekunle 

4. Bryann nominated Chichi and Adekunle 

5 Eloswag nominated Doyin and Amaka

6.  Groovy nominated Adekunle and Doyin 

7.  Doyin nominated Hermes and Rachel

8.  Daniella nominated Hermes and chichi

9.  Amaka nominated Adekunle mand Chichi

10 Allysyn nominated Chichi and Rachel 

11. Phyna nominated Adekunle and Hermes

12. Hermes nominated Doyin and Chichi 

13.  Giddyfia nominated Doyin and Chichi

14.  Deji nominated Diana and Chichi 

15 Chizzy nominated Shegzz and Bella

16 Dọtun nominated Adekunle and Rachel

17.  Chomzy nominated Giddyfia and Amaka.

18. Modella nominated Hermes and Amaka 

19.   Phyna nominated Adekunle and Hermes

20  Adekunle nominated Shegzz and Bella

21.   Bella nominated Hermes and Amaka

Following that, the number of the most nominated are:

1 Chichi _ 7 nominations

2 Adekunle _ 7 nominations 

3 Doyin _ 6 nominations

4 Hermes _ 5 nominations 

5 Rachel _ 4 nominations

6 Shegzz _ 4 nominations

7 Amaka _ 4 nominations.

Recollected that viewers have been informed beforehand that this ka fans eviction  and no housemate will be sent packing which no housemates is aware of. 


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