BBNaija Sheggz Biography, Family, Girlfriend, Social Media And Net Worth

BBNaija Sheggz Biography

BBNaija Sheggz

Born on November 13, 1996, in the United Kingdom, Segun Daniel "Sheggz" Olusemo is a talented professional football player, fitness fanatic, and actor. He is commonly referred to as Sheggz BBNaija. He is a citizen of both Nigeria and Great Britain.

Since he was a teenager, BBNaija Sheggz has played football for clubs in the UK. After becoming a reality television celebrity on the Big Brother Naija Show, he shot to fame in the entertainment sector.



BBNaija Sheggz
  • Full Name: Segun Daniel Olusemo

  • Also Known As:  Sheggz

  • Full Name: Segun Daniel Olusemo

  • Also Known As: Sheggz

  • Born: November, 1996

  • Birthplace:London, United Kingdom

  • Profession: Reality TV star or actor

  • Net Worth: $80,000 USD in earnings


Childhood And Education

BBNaija Sheggz was born in London, United Kingdom on November 13, 1996.He was a member of Mr. and Mrs. Olusemo's family at birth. Segun Daniel Olusemo is his official name.

A Yoruba man, Sheggz, His parents are both of the Yoruba ethnicity. He is a citizen of both Britain and Nigeria.

Sheggz's family returned to Nigeria shortly after his birth, settling in Ikoyi, Lagos. He grew up and spent his formative years in Lagos City. He frequently took family vacations to the United Kingdom over the holidays.


BBNaija Sheggz relocated to England for academic reasons in his late teens. He has been there for almost ten years and occasionally travels to Nigeria. 

BBNaija Sheggz received his elementary school education at a prestigious primary school in Lagos.

He completed his secondary schooling at Grange School. He attended Skegness Grammar School in the past.

Sheggz graduated from the University of Buckingham with a bachelor's degree.



BBNaija Sheggz 

Since his days in elementary school, Naija Sheggz has acquired a love for sports. He concentrated on football in high school and practiced the sport more after class and on the weekends. 

He kept playing football when he was in college. He participated in games for both the school's squad and a city team.

Sheggz made the decision to become a professional football player after graduating from college. 

He was signed by a prestigious club that competed in the first division in England. He has been a professional football player on active duty for many years. 

At his club, BBNaija Sheggz has become known for his ability to score goals and perform admirably. He made the decision to halt his football career, nevertheless, after suffering an injury.

He made the decision to get into acting in order to avoid being idle. He had performed in school plays as a skilled actor during his time in high school and college. He appeared in Nigerian and British film auditions. He was chosen to appear in a movie directed by Tola Odunsi in 2022.


BB Naija Sheggz participated in the auditions for the 7th season of Big Brother Naija in May 2022. He was one of the fortunate 26 contestants that made it into the Big Brother House after impressing the selection committee at various rounds of the competition.

On July 23, 2022, he was introduced to millions of Nigerians and Africans at the opening ceremony of the program. One of the most well-known reality TV personalities in Africa right now is Sheggz.

Social Media

BBNaija Sheggz

BBNaija Sheggz has a sizable social media following with thousands of followers overall.

On Instagram, he has more than 133k followers, and on Twitter, he has more than 22.3k.

Private Life

BBNaija Sheggz 

Naija Sheggz is 25 years old right now. He is an extremely attractive young man with an excellent physique. 

Because of his attractiveness, he is adored by many female Big Brother Naija fans. He stands six feet tall and has light skin.

Sheggz is a believer. He comes from a home that is religious. 

He can speak Pidgin English, Yoruba, and English. In England, he lives in a posh flat. To take part in the Big Brother Naija Show, he returned to Nigeria.

He is a fitness enthusiast who works out for a significant amount of each week in order to maintain his good health and physical appearance.


BBNaija Sheggz is currently single and doesn't have a wife, girlfriend, or child. He has, however, been romantically linked to Bella Okagbue, a flatmate. 

Within weeks after entering the show, the two housemates developed a romantic relationship. He has a following known as Sheggz FC.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of professional football player BBNaija Sheggz is $80,00.

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