BBNAIJA S7 : Chaos In The House As Housemates Fight Over " Used Tampons And Sanitary Pads", Suspect Amaka

                     Bbnaija s7 housemates 

There has been a lot of chaos in the big brother house since the previous day regarding improperly kept used tampons.

This morning as well, a used sanitary pad has been seen in the bathroom with Daniella saying it was Amaka that kept it there. This has now become a bone of contention in the house.

Several of the female housemates in the house seem to not know how to keep their hygiene as they have thrown caution to the wind.  to have grasped that cleanliness is next to godliness. 

The way the female housemates have thrown the need for personal hygiene out of the window on national television, disregarding that there are also male housemates in the house is quite repulsive.

This has now caused a lot of arguments with housemates trying to figure out the culprit behind the evil act. This act has been deemed to be a recurring action judging from the housemates' reactions. 

Considering how uneasy it is to deal with someone else's mess, some housemates cast their suspicion on Bella because she was passive towards the issue.

While other housemates have cast their suspicions on Amaka. Head of house Chomzy and Eloswag have through the current happenings in the house concluded that the culprit is Amaka because she is currently on her period. 

Housemates have made their suspicions and are throwing shades based on it, but no one is certain as to who the culprit is in big brother's house.

 Who in the house can be leaving used pads and tampons improperly discarded?  Leave your thoughts with us in the comment section 

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Anonymous said…
Such a petty for Amaka

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