Amaka Throws Jabs At Her Friend, Phyna

The BBNaija Season 7 is getting further intense and reaching a new dynamic whereby friends have started snitching on each other in the house.

Biggie asked Amaka, during her diary session, to talk about Phyna and Modella and what she thinks of them. 

In response to his question, she deliberately threw jabs at Phyna, asserting that she enjoys forcing her opinion on other housemates, and when they don't go with her ideas, she gets angry.

She further went on to tell big brother that Phyna's views might make sense, but it only makes sense in her head and not to other housemates.
She added that Phyna should adjust to life inbig brothers' house and accept other housemates’ viewpoints when important.

She also insisted that although they are friends, they both have their good and bad sides, but her aggressive friend( referring to Phyna), always assumes she is right, knowing that no one is above mistakes.

Amaka and Phyna have had differences in the past but have since reconciled and made peace however,  their friendship appears to be shaky.

Observing Modella, she remarked that they are neither enemies nor friends in the BBNaija house. 

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