578-day strikes: Angry lecturers dumping varsities, ASUU complains

Asuu President Emmanuel Osodeke

Academic Staff Union of Universities has sounded the alarm over teachers leaving the nation's universities for brighter pastures abroad.

The union attributed this trend to the Federal Government's poor treatment of its members, which, according to the group, forced many of its members to seek alternative means of support.

Osodeke spoke in response to the government's unwillingness to accept certain of their demands, such as the payment of seven months' worth of back salary accrued during the strike.

In addition, ASUU had sought the payment of earned allowances for its members, the release of the final report of university visitation panels, and the revision of the 2009 FGN/2009 agreement.

Dr Dele Ashiru, chairman of the ASUU branch at the University of Lagos, stated that more than 70 percent of the greatest minds in academia had left the country because the government was so rude and insensitive to the scholars.

“The impact of the government’s insensitivity and deployment of the weapon of hunger might not be immediately known until after the strike. As I speak with you, more than 70 per cent of bright and promising young academics retained by the university through mentorship have all left the country for greener pastures due to the poor conditions of service in Nigeria.

‘’Those that are left are on the verge of leaving. No government in the history of Nigeria has been so insensitive, brash and disrespectful of the best brains in the country. This is unfortunate and a shame,’’ the don lamented. 

He stated, "I am aware that some of our coworkers have departed. Some of them might say they want to spend the holidays with their family, but we know they will not return."

“I can confirm to you that most people leaving often take permission that they want to go for holidays. However, they’ll not return. It’s not official because some of them go under the guise that they are coming back.”

Two OOU lecturers

Joel Okewale, the chairman of ASUU at OOU, confirmed that two faculty members had resigned from the college.

“I know about two or three of our colleagues that have relocated from my own end here; I don’t know of any other person.

“I also know of one who is having a little challenge in giving due notice in his resignation, but I don’t know the update. We are having a congress tomorrow (today), if there are other people, I will have an idea.”

I am aware of two or three coworkers who have relocated from my end to this end, but I am unaware of anyone else.

I also know of a person who is having a bit of difficulty giving proper notice of his resignation, although I am unaware of the latest development. We are holding a congress tomorrow (today), and if there are other participants, I will have a suggestion.

Other university-based unions, including SSANU, the Non-Academic Staff Union, and the National Association of Academic Technologists, challenged ASUU's decision to take 75% of the funds and leave them with 25%.

The national president of ASUU, Osodeke, responded to the news by stating, "We don't care who they pay it to. We have more important topics to discuss. We have moved beyond that; they should do whatever they like. We are on strike and gaining ground. Our concerns are not with any union; our issues and negotiations are with the government. Our Environmental Impact Assessment is calculated, and we do not negotiate with others."


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