Da Grin's Father Emotional As He Listens To Pon Pon Pon And Speaks About Him

A video shows the moment Da Grin's father struggled to hide his emotions while his son's hit song Pon Pon Pon was played for him.

The interview was conducted in vernacular and Da Grin's father was asked if he knows who performed the song Pon Pon Pon. he responded with an affirmation that it was his son. He went on to share his, and Da Grin's full name. While he struggled to keep a smile, the song and interview obviously brought up memories and pains of what was lost by the death of the rapper.

Da Grin, CEO Misofunyin Entertainment died in 2010 when his music had gained a lot of fan base. His death was as a result of complications from a car accident.


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